View Full Version : Manual rescan only finds first song.

2006-04-12, 17:25
OK, last night a friend was over and brought by a CD from a local band. I ripped it to FLAC and went to play it. If I rescan my library it only finds one song by the artist, the first one. If I got to browse folder instead of browsing by artist etc. it sees all the songs but if I try to play any but the first, the playlist on the left changes to "empty". I'm using a Roku soundbridge with Slim Server and the same thing happens if I browse to the folder via the ROKU. Its states "Problem: Can't open file for:" It doesn't say anything after the second : and it won't play. It definitely seems like a SS problem and having nothing to do with the ROKU. I have SS set to rescan at 1am and the next day all my songs always work so it appears the auto scan is working. What gives?

Another bit of info that might be relevant, my music is all on a drive in a NETGEAR Storage Central SC101. I don't know if that matters.

2006-04-12, 17:31
OK, I just noticed something. I have rescan music library set to off in the web interface. I had set it to 1am with the ROKU but apparently its not actually turned on so I have no clue why it "finds" songs over night on its own.

2006-04-13, 11:48
One fact you might have missed is it can take a while for Slimserver to scan your music library.

So perhaps what happened is you hit rescan, checked and found only the first song had been scanned (but in the background the scan was proceeding). Then, when you checked a while later, the scan had completed and all your music was accounted for.

The amount of time it takes depends on the size of your music library. There are a couple threads around documenting how long it takes for various size libraries.

2006-04-13, 14:33
1) How long would you guess it would take to scan a ~1200 song library?

2) How does that explain the browsing directly the the song file which both SS and the ROKU SEE, that it still will only play the first song?

BTW, I'm going to do some more testing because I've had some very random file permission issues with this Netgear storage device. When I first got it, I couldn't save files from the internet directly to that drive because of permission issues. That got fixed but the device is a little flaky so I'm going to rule that out before I continue.