View Full Version : Slimp3 vs Squeezebox

Martin Goode
2003-11-18, 09:20

Had my Slimp for about 3 weeks from the lovely MultiTask Computing, and
it's all running smoothly.

There was a a made panic at work td, with the news of the Squeezebox ....

Now I have upgraded to V5 of the server software, and wondered if the
original slimp hardware supports the FLAC stuff .... and I wondered if
the new digital out on the squeezebox using FLAC has much performance
difference over the original ? I am not worried about the new wireless
stuff, and am anxiously waiting for flac libraries to finish compiling
on my server to test it :)

Sorry if this has already been asked, only just got around to joining
mailing list !

any advice would be great

Martin Goode
the OTHER media