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Matt Shelton
2006-04-12, 08:24
I have a connection problem that I hope someone can help me with. I purchased a SB3 four months ago for use in my living room, and it has worked like a charm from day 1. Several weeks ago, I purchased a second SB3 for our bedroom. I plugged it in, set it up, and it worked like a charm almost instantaneously. A few days later, a little over a week ago, we were enjoying synchronized music in our house, and the the second SB3 stopped working. Now, no matter what I try to do, it will not connect to SlimServer, while our original downstairs SB3 continues to work perfectly.

Here's what I'm running:

-Windows XP Pro on Dell PC
-Linksys WRT54G v. 5 wireless router, configured for DHCP
-McAfee personal firewall
-SlimServer 6.2.1 (upgraded to 6.2.2 on Monday, even though it still shows as 6.2.1 in Server Settings)
-Downstairs, working SB3: Firmware 37, upgraded on Monday from 28.
-Upstairs, not-working SB3: Firmware 28

As most of you know, when you are tryig to set up the SB3, you can choose two menu items: Set Up Networking or View Current Settings. When I go through the Set Up Networking process, I get the ultimate "Problem: Can't Connect to Wireless Network" message. When I check View Current Settings, I find some interesting things: Firmware is at 28, Obtain IP address is Automatically. Auto Upgrade is Off. IP, Gateway, DNS Server and SlimServer all show as Subnet shows as MAC address shows as ff ff d6 ff ff ff (which I don't think is a proper MAC address!). The wirless signal strength is anywhere from 28-80%, which shows me that the SB3 is receiving signals from the wireless router (correct?). One thing I find very interesting is that even though my router is set up for DHCP, when I check the settings on the SB3 that works, "Obtain IP address" is set Manually (Static). I'm not sure how I did that originally, but it worked (I'm one of those guys who knows just enough about networking to get by, but what I don't know leads to danger). What I can't for the life of me figure out is how to change the Current Settings on the bad SB3 (for example, I cannot upgrade the firmware, as the SB3 won't connect to SS).

Here are a few of things that I've tried to do, all of which have failed:

-Disabled McAfee. When that didn't work, I uninstalled McAfee.
-Changed security on router and SB3s from WPA Personal to both WEP and Disabled.
-Upgraded SlimServer to 6.5. Went back to 6.2.1 after connection on the second SB3 failed and as wireless signal strength on the working SB3 cratered from its usual 85% to 5%.
-Pressed "+" button on remote while unplugging SB3 and plugging it back in to do factory reset multiple times.
-Made sure that McAfee allows access to all applicable ports/IP addresses, etc.
-Made sure that Windows firewall is turned off.

Remember that my other SB3, which is located twice as far from the router than the SB3 that is not working, continues to work perfectly (damn, I love that thing!). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Matt Shelton

2006-04-12, 15:00
Well, here's one suggestion. Do you have MAC address filtering set on your wireless router? If so, your "bad" SB3 (with the almost certainly corrupted MAC address) would be rejected immediately.

If you search the forums you will find some threads from other people who have had their MAC address spontaneously change: don't panic, its apparently not hard to fix - As I recall you just have to find the bit where the SB3 is telling you what its MAC address is and then press right (or something like that anyway). Reset the MAC address to whatever it says on the label.

Probably best then to do a full hardware reset of the SB3 and start again.

You never know, it might be as simple as that...


Matt Shelton
2006-04-12, 19:51
Ceejay, thank you so much, that worked! I'll never forget the ol' MAC address again.