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Stuart Cooper
2003-11-18, 09:08

The Snap 1100 and 2200 units run the embedded Snap OS which is very
reliable but is a pure file server only, while the Guardian based units
(4400,4500,14000) run a modified version of Linux. The SlimServer
software wouldn't be supported on the (expensive) Guardian boxes anyway,
even assuming you could make it work.

I am in the process of trying to get the Slimserver software running on
the Lacie Ethernet disk (runs XP embedded). Again, it's unsupported but
I've had the Perl version working with ActiveState installed. Watch this

MultiTask Computing

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I am looking to use a Squeezebox in conjunction with a SnapServer.

My question is:
Do I have to have a PC on running the server software when I want to use
my Squeezebox - because ideally I would only want the SnapServer and
Squeeze box on.

Is this possible?

Kind Regards

Stephen Elldred
Senior Developer