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2006-04-11, 20:51
Posted on infrant.com forum under Streaming devices, "Slimserver streaming gaps." Click where it says "click here." Download to desk top and do a local update on Raidar/Frontview. Version 35 for ReadyNAS devices Slimserver 6.2.1. See below:

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Are the SqueezeBoxes connected with ethernet, or wireless? What version are the SBs?

We had another user reporting skipping when connected over wireless. He was able to duplicate the problem on his PC as well, and it was tracked down to a firmware problem on the SB where it wasn't buffering enough. Updating to the SB firmware that's going to be included in SlimServer 6.2.2 fixed the problem though. You can try the addon to just update the firmware. Get it from here.