View Full Version : HELP! Press and Hold to save a playlist does no longer work

2006-04-11, 15:36
I could swear I used the "press and hold" function of the PLAY button to save the songs of the Now Playing screen to a Playlist. I did not use this function for some time and now it does not work any longer. When I switch to the Now Playing screen and press and hold the PLAY button the current song only starts playing, that's all.

I'm getting nuts. I even installed version 6.2.1 (I usually use 6.2.2) but it does not work. I tried the Windows as well as the linux version of the server but had no success.

PLEASE, has anybody an idea what could be wrong?


2006-04-11, 15:57
The playlistman plugin gives you the functionality you asked for. Once installed you can press and hold the "Add" button to save the playlist.

2006-04-11, 16:13
Thanks for the answer.
I found the playlistman plugin but I am sure I had never installed it before.

On the playlistman homepage the "hold and press play" feature is described as being now included in the built in save playlist plugin. So it seems that this should work without external plugin.

2006-04-11, 16:26
I just found that in the plugin directory there exist a subdirectory "Picks" comprising a file "plugin.pm" which comprises a line 'play.hold' => 'play'. I further found a subdirectory "Favorites" also comprising a file "plugin.pm" having a line 'play.hold' => 'play'.

In the file saveplaylist.pm a line containing 'play.hold' => 'save' is found.

Could it be that the definitions in the two "plugin.pm" files are reseting the definition in the saveplaylist.pm?