View Full Version : Can't update firmware

2006-04-10, 15:04
When I update the firmware (pressing the bright button) the Squeezebox acts like the firmware is being updated but when I look at the version it's only version 28. I've done this cycle several times. I see people are on on version 37. Any ideas?

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-10, 15:07
You've installed the latest SlimServer 6.2.2, right?

2006-04-10, 17:02
I'm using Infrant ReadyNAS with 6.2.1.

Windows has SlimServer Version: 6.5b1 - 5938 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252

I can connect to either one.

Do I have to do this while connected to SlimServer or Squeezenetwork?


2006-04-10, 17:05
Version 28 is correct for 6.2.1. You will need to upgrade when you switch to a later version, but you will be notified. In the meantime, sit tight :)

2006-04-10, 17:13
At times I have a problem of jittery music while on Squeezenetwork. Using Netgear wgt624 v2 (no turbo) . I have to reset pushing the play button frequently to get a better connection. I thought the update would help....