View Full Version : Squeezbox looses MAC Address

2006-04-10, 11:49
I am running Squeezbox on a wirless network with a D-Link DI-524 router. After initial ocnfiguration, it connects with no problem. However, it misteriously disconnects and will not reconnect. I contacted support and they walked me through checking the MAC Address in setup. It had changed. The MAC address is printed on a label on the bottom of the Squeezbox. They had me reenter the MAC address into setup and the Squeezbox reconnected. However, after a short period of time, it disconnected again. Anyone have any suggestions or experienced this?

2006-04-10, 14:46
I have had the same problem with this type of router. I would suggest that you upgrade / reflash the routers firmware. This solved alot of addressing issues that I had with the router.