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2006-04-09, 05:48

Since a few days I can't listen to some of my favorite radio streams on my Squeezebox 2 anymore. I have recently refreshed my computer (a complete new install of XP on a formatted hard drive). After that I installed Slimserver Beta 6.5b1. My Squeezebox has firmware 37.
My Squeezebox 2 will play my mp3 collection and I can also listen to shoutcast radio stations, but not the radiostations in holland (where I live).
For example (the stations that not work for me):

Radio Veronica: mms://
Sky Radio 101FM: mms://live.cinecast.capcave.com/SkyRadio

Can somebody please help me with this problem.
(Softsqueeze 2.2 doesn't play these radiostations either)
Untill a few days ago these radiostations where never a problem.


2006-04-09, 13:55
Are you listening via Slimserver or SqueezeNetwork? Does one work but not the other?

I recently had problems gettings some Windows Media streams (which is what I think those two you mentioned are) via SqueezeNetwork. I managed to fix it by deleting my SB listing on the SqueezeNetwork web page, and then re-entering the info.

2006-04-10, 11:34
I'm listening via Slimserver as SqueezeNetwork as well.
Both way's wil not work.

2006-04-11, 03:50
there's an ongoing problem with some windows media streams. I logged a bug report (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2860) months ago, but don't know what progress there is on the issue.

2006-04-26, 02:27
The problem is solved. It had nothing to do with my Squeezebox 2.
My wirelles network was the problem. Recently I had to replace my broadband modem and the new modem had default DHCP turned on (at the sametime with my router).
After reconfigurating my network everything is working Ok.

Thanks for the response