View Full Version : freeze on squeeze

2006-04-08, 19:35
Recently (last few days) my SqueezeBox has been freezing while connected to SqueezeNetwork, listening to a netradio station. It'll say press the left or right buttons to continue, but is completely frozen.

If anyone knows what the solution is, please let me know!

2006-04-11, 15:34
When it freezes, I have found no way around it except pulling the power cord. Holding down the power or left buttons do nothing. This has happened each time I've tried to listen to net radio stations in the past week. This seemed to start around the time of a firmware update I think. One of the changes was that Random Genre became a check list of genres.

I really hope there is a solution to this because as it is I am afraid to listen to net radio.

2006-04-13, 11:52
Hi Guymac,

What kind of Squeezebox is it? Is it connected wired or wireless? What firmware are you running?

Thanks for any info!