View Full Version : stream authentification over SqueezeNetwork

2006-04-08, 06:38
Hi All
I've tried to access a restricted Icecast2-Stream with my SqueezeBox2 over SqueezeNetwork. It didn't work.

This is what I've done:

- Log into Squeeze-Network
- Adding following Favourite:

- Accessing the Favourite via the SB
- no answer ;-/

When I do this over my Webbrowser over http - everything works fine.

I don't know whether the SB2 doesn't allow this kind of http://-based auth? It works perfectly with my ROKU Soundbridge though.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


2006-04-24, 05:18
hi All
sorry for bothering again - but this is really important to me.

Does anyone know whether Squeezenetwork allows Access to UID/Password encoded Streaming-URLs like:



Thanks for any feedback on this.

- Alex