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2006-04-08, 03:51
I purchased a Squeezebox 3 just before Christmas and have been very happy with it until this week.

As some background I also have a squeezebox that is connected to the my slimserver via an Ethernet connection.

The problem I have is that my Squeezebox 3 which is using the wireless connection cannot connect to the Slimserver.

My wireless is working fine as I have two laptops connecting without issues. The settings for the wireless are all fine as the Squeezebox 3 appears to connect without problems.

The slim server appears to be working OK as my other Squeezebox connects fine and works via Ethernet (as does the Squeezebox 3 when I connect it this way).

This leads me to the conclusion that there is some kind of issue with the wireless connection using slimserver.

It will go through and appears to connect however if I leave the IP address to get one automatically from my DHCP server it will not get an address in the right range. My two laptops are not having this problem. I can do a release / renew without a problem. I should point out that my DHCP server is on a W2003 Server which runs slimserver so the Squeezebox 3 could connect to the wireless without necessarily getting an IP address. Which I think is the problem. However it does get a correct IP address if connected via Ethernet (so I don't thing the DHCP service is a problem).

The mystery deeps when I fix a static IP address in the range. The Squeezebox 3 appears to see the slim server address as you go through the settings but once it tries to connect it cycles through two things – “connecting to slimserver” and “connecting to wireless network” before it comes up with the usual message that it cannot connect to slimserver.

I am total confused with this and the only thought I had was that a recent update to the slimserver software may be causing some conflict (I have automatic downloads and updates turned on) and am running 6.2.1.

I have reinstalled the slimserver and tried setting everything up from scratch again but to no avail – have you any thoughts on this.

My guess at this stage is that whilst the wireless network connection is appearing to connect it is not doing actually doing so. This would lead me to the conclusion that this could be a hardware fault. Could anyone either confirm this or suggest any other options that I may need look at before going down this route.

Thanks for any assistance anyone may be able to offer.

2006-04-08, 05:29
Sounds like it could be network configuration issues.

What device is the SB3 connecting to wirelessly? I presume you have a wireless network card in your server? Make sure that you have configured the wireless network card to use a different subnet to that used by your cabled ethernet ports.

Check slimerver's security config to make sure you haven't restricted incoming IP's it will respond to.

Make sure your firewall is configured to pass through SB3 traffic originating from the wireless subnet

Press the left button of the SB3 remote for 5 seconds, scroll down to "check current settings" and check firmware version in there. v37 is now available and solved my wireless authentication issues. Also under check current settings you will be able to see your assigned IP for the SB3 as well as whether or not it has negotiated the wireless connection and signal strength.

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-09, 07:38
First try an unencrypted wireless connection. If that doesn't work, you have a fundamental wireless problem. Try updating the router firmware, the SB firmware or both. As indicated, SB firmware 37 contains some very significant wireless improvements.

Then try WEP and then WPA with very simple passphrases. If simple passphrases work, then the only reason more complex passphrases don't is due to passphrase entry errors in the SB.

Mark Norton
2006-04-09, 08:08
Certainly I agree it's worth taking out the WEP security, that's one more think to complicate the issue. In my case, I had to get a firmware upgrade from Linksys to make it work.

If the address the SB is getting is one of the 169.254 type, you should use a static IP like 192.168.N.XXX where XXX is unique and N is the same throughout.

2006-04-09, 13:02
Right, thanks for your thoughts here is where we are at.

Firstly I had tried some of the items mentioned and am an IT manager so have a good knowledge of networking.

Here is what I have done and what the results are.

Removed all security on the router (MAC filtering, hide SSID and WPA). Bingo all worked fine. Put MAC address filtering on and still no problems. Hid the SSID still working. Then put the WPA on and it stopped completely. I am having a similar problem to another posting at the top of the forum list currently. So disabled the WPA and bingo working again. So I decided on the WEP 64 still working. WEP 128 still working. Back to WPA and no joy.

The network part is connecting but the slimserver will not start.

Now here is my deduction and you can let me know your thoughts. As the WPA is working fine on my two other laptops and the SB3 appears to connect but cannot link to the Slimserver (which I know is working because my other SB1 is OK) the problem must be in some recent code that has been either released as part of windows update or as a slimserver upgrade must have caused the problem.

My next job (though not tonight) is to roll back any windows updates on my W2003k server and then to reinstall an earlier version of slimserver.

The fact that there is an almost identical posting leads me to believe one of the two items above is to blame. I must admit that I only use the SB3 once a week or so which makes it difficult to say which day the problem arose but it would be over the last 7-10 days I suspect.

One other thought is whether the 54g part of the card has failed in the SB3 and I may be connecting at 11b but I will probably check this now.

2006-04-09, 15:21
So changes have been made in the recent firmware to improve WPA compatibility with many wireless routers. I now have reports that these changes have actually broken WPA for a couple of routers. Could you please let me know the make, model and firmware version of the router you are using so I can investigate this further.

Many thanks,

2006-04-09, 15:26
V1.02.04 on a Netgear DG834GT (Europe) is no good. I have however got this working OK now on My Belkin Pre-N Router

Firmware Version
Boot Version

Hope that helps.

2006-04-10, 00:08
[QUOTE=cmaskelyne]I purchased a Squeezebox 3 just before Christmas and have been very happy with it until this week.

Mine started doing almost the same thing last Wednesday. For some reason - it now has trouble connecting to Slimserver and I've changed absolutely nothing on my PC. I too have updates enabled on Slimserver.

Does having updates enabled change the firmware or the Slimserver or both?


2006-04-10, 00:41
Firmware is updated via the server updates: if the server update comes with a new firmware update you'll know it because you are prompted with the "Hold Brightness button" message, which will then upgrade your firmware.


2006-04-10, 01:11
Mike, it would also be useful to know what wireless router you are using and the encryption type.


2006-04-10, 03:51
Hi Richard,

I'm using v6.2.1 - 5194 firmware 28. My access point is a DSE 802.11g. Funny thing is - everything worked fine tonight. I had disconnected the power to Squeezebox last night as there was an electrical storm and just wanted to be safe. It had been set to Squeezenetwork before it powered down, whereas before when I noticed the odd behaviour - it was always set to Slimserver. Anyway - it established connection without a hitch and found Slimserver almost right away when I disconnected from Squeezenetwork. So, buggered if I know!

I'll keep my eye on it but happy camper at the moment.


2006-04-10, 03:54
This morning my Belkin stopped working on WPA so back to WEP which seems fine. I am fairly certain this is an issue with firmware/software as everything else works fine.

Can anyone point me to the download for the latest firmware for SB3? I have 28 installed currently but could not find a link to it on the site.

Many thanks.

2006-04-10, 04:14

Do you have an ETA on the new firmware that addresses the WPA issues (he asked hopefully)?


2006-04-10, 05:21
This morning my Belkin stopped working on WPA so back to WEP which seems fine. I am fairly certain this is an issue with firmware/software as everything else works fine.

Can anyone point me to the download for the latest firmware for SB3? I have 28 installed currently but could not find a link to it on the site.

Many thanks.

Nightlies available at http://www.slimdevices.com/dev_nightly.html

If you download the latest 6.2.2 it will bring the latest firmware with it... 37, I guess.


Mark Lanctot
2006-04-10, 05:32
I'm using v6.2.1 - 5194 firmware 28.

If that's the case you're still on the official release.

Having check for updates selected merely checks and lets you know if a new version is available, it doesn't automatically update. It would have nothing to do with any performance problems you encounter.

Since 6.2.2 is still not official yet, you have never seen an update notice.

2006-04-14, 06:28
I have the above combo and it all works here.

All on the 192.168.7.xxx subnet with a mask

Slimserver is 6.2.1, player firmware is 28
Belkin firmware is 1.01.03
Boot version 2.01.08
WPA is enabled and working

I am broadcasting the SSID, Channel 7 and in 11g only mode. The only other wireless network around is my other one on channel 1. 1+7+13 do not conflict (you need to leave a gap of 6 between channels to ensure this).
Protectd mode is off
ACK is immediate
Qos is on

Makes little odds except boot if it uses a fixed or DHCP allocted address.