View Full Version : Interference on SQ

2006-04-07, 21:16
I have a new squeezebox v.3 and I love it. I plug it into a Denon CD/radio stereo. I find interference when I listen to AM or FM radio stations, as long as the squeezebox is plugged in, turned on or not.

I have searched through the forums. I went to Radioshack and I now have a snap on ferrite choke core (Catalog #: 273-105). However, this choke has not eliminated any interference. I've tried plugging SQ into another outlet or into a power strip with no success.

What can I do next?

2006-04-07, 22:34
I had the same issue and they gave me a new power supply that fixed the problem. The old one just plugged into the wall with the transformer as part of the wall plugin part. The one they sent me was a inline transformer and it fixed all my problems