View Full Version : Successful TeraStation installation except SlimDevice "can't open file"

2006-04-07, 11:30
I appeared to have successfully followed all of the instructions at both:
and then:

Turned on my new SlimDevice, it recognized the installation, read in the album/song information--everything seemed wonderful. Except when I go to play a song--any song--and it gives me the error message "Problem: Can't open file for: songname."

I can access the files from my PC successfully. I'm not sure if it's a rights issue or an inability to read the Apple lossless file format by the SlimDevice, but I've run out of things to try.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Many, many thanks.


2006-04-07, 11:33
Can anyone suggest a solution? Many, many thanks.


Nalle can. He'll be posting soon.

2006-04-07, 12:13
It could be a rights issue. What are the file permissions, and which user is slimserver running under on the TeraStation?

Are all of your music files in Apple lossless? I am pretty sure that you need additional software, such as mplayer or FAAD2 to decode those files so that they will play on the Squeezebox. You would need to install mplayer or FAAD2 on the TeraStation to do the decoding.

As a simple test, put an MP3, flac, or other file that SB can decode natively on the TeraStation and try to play that.

2006-04-10, 05:25
While I havent installed it on a terrastation I did get the same problem on my linux box. The problem was that the slimserver user didnt have enough permissions. I had to do a chown and a chgrp of my music folder making slimserver the owner of the folder.

Then I rebooted my linux server and reindexed from scratch just to get it all clean.