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2003-11-18, 06:35
Indeed, #3 is the first unit we actually shipped. Dean ended up with
#1, which was on my desk for a long time until he needed a second
player. #2 belongs to another friend of mine.

On Tuesday, November 18, 2003, at 12:17 AM, Kevin Murphy wrote:

> This is great news, guys... It's really neat to think about how not
> all that long ago Sean was soldering circuit boards in his garage for
> the original prototypes (/me hugs his #003)
> Regarding the wireless support on the Squeezebox, how configurable is
> it? Does it support WEP? If so, to what degree? Does it use 802.11b
> or 802.11g?
> I sure do wish there was a way to (legally) make these puppies work
> with iTunes, I'd be all over buying a Squeezebox, and I'd have a
> reason to use my SliMP3s again... My collection is 90% AAC (which I
> know can be played), about 50% of which is protected content from
> iTMS. Has anyone tried hitting up Apple to see what their policy on
> partnerships is?
> --Skoro