View Full Version : Discrete remote power on does not wake PC

2006-04-07, 03:32
I suspect this might be expected behaviour.

I am using a OneForAll remote with JP1, and have downloaded a set of remote codes (not JVC based) from the JP1 site. That includes a Slim_Devices_Remote_extended.ir file for inclusion in the SlimServer tree - it includes discrete on/off codes, as well as implementing scan fwd/back without having to hold a button down.

It all works fine, though the discrete power on does not wake my PC out of standby, whereas the power toggle does. I can kind of understand that as slimserver is of course unable to read the .ir file unless the PC is awake and SS is running.

So my question is - does the JVC remote include a discrete power on which does not need SS to be running in order to interpret ?

If not, then no matter as I can program a macro with JP1 that does a power toggle (to wake the PC), followed by a power on (to make sure that the SB3 is actually on).