View Full Version : i think my display is broken or defective

2006-04-06, 20:23
picture is worth 1000 words

it starts up ok but then changes to what is pictured here - what is my next move oh great support gurus?

2006-04-06, 20:59
the only resource for a problem like that:
support (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com

Ross L
2006-04-13, 16:42
I think you're right! I emailed you; we need to find you a repair solution.

2006-04-14, 05:08
It's a known fault that occurs with some (older?) units...

Parts of the display disappear when the device warms up. You will have to get it replaced.

2006-09-26, 01:20
I wondered if you had a happy resolution to this problem since I seem to have the same fault. Thanks

2006-09-26, 04:04
I had exactly the same problem with my first SB3. Slim Devices told me there was a faulty batch of screens used in early models which were failing due to not being able to work with the heat levels they should have. i RMA'd mine back to the UK company i bought it from. they did try and send it back and charge me an admin fee, but i got it sorted after i explained that they would need to leave it running for an hour before it failed.