View Full Version : MLB.COM Streaming: Can I with Squeezebox?

2006-04-06, 10:00
I tested Squeezebox extensively last month and loved it. However, I am a baseball addict and have a subscription to streaming live games via MLB.COM. It requires login/password.

Will Squeezebox stream these games? If so, will I need to log in via my computer, or can I log in via remote interface?

thanks in advance.

Mark White

2006-04-07, 16:10

c'mon....no one has an idea here? I'm waiting for an answer too...maybe via Sq.Network??...or BBC plugin?

2006-04-07, 16:14
Don't have an answer but this was just discussed recently...

2006-04-07, 17:22
Thanks...I do recall that previous thread, now that you reminded me....guess that synapse wasn't firing this week ;-)

Appears that there is no solution at this point. Shame..cuz I would like to see that work. Oh well.