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2006-04-06, 07:36

Since i only want port 80 open to the outside world (and easy of configuration) i wanted to reverse proxy the slimserver inside my apache.

I've adjusted the apache:

---- snip ----

ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPass /slim http://localhost:9000/
ProxyHTMLURLMap http://localhost:9000/ /slim

<Location /slim>
ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:9000/
SetOutputFilter proxy-html
ProxyHTMLURLMap / /slim/
ProxyHTMLURLMap /slim/ /slim/

----- snip ----

This should work, however (ofcourse) it doesn't. Sometimes i can see a website.. with other options on, i cant. So far i managed to get the website but no pictures are normal. Also i cant click on the server configuration which then panics.

What am i doing wrong or is the slimserver html not reverse proxable?

Thanks in advance,

2006-04-06, 07:40
Fixed it allready :)

Some wrong / and not /'es

(or in other words, i didn't use the search function in the messageboard)

<Location /slimserver/>
RequestHeader set Referer http://localhost:9000/
ProxyPass http://localhost:9000/
ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:9000/
ProxyHTMLURLMap http://localhost:9000 /slimserver
SetOutputFilter proxy-html
ProxyHTMLURLMap / /slimserver/
ProxyHTMLURLMap /slimserver /slimserver

Works like a charm (from other post)