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2006-04-06, 07:19
I've never used it because I haven't wanted to screw up a good, working situation. I know I should probably try it. I use a Belkin pre-N router, which supports several types of encryption. I'm not too worried about my neighbors as I don't live in an apartment building, but of course you never know. Which method should I try. Is it hard? Do I just make up my own encryption code? Is it difficult to enter into SB3?

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-06, 08:08
The only method you should try is WPA-TKIP. WEP is easily crackable in seconds and will deter only accidental connections. And WPA is as easy to use as WEP, it requires no extra effort.

Yes, make up your own passphrase, although there are several random passphrase generators out there on the Internet. Don't use anything that would be in a dictionary - the only WPA cracking scheme enters words from a dictionary as passphrases. So make up stuff, misspell, capitalize in the middle of words, add numbers and punctuation.

The more characters you enter, the better the security. The limit is 63 characters.

Unfortunately entering it into the SB is tedious - it's entered one character at a time using the number buttons like on a cell phone. Also if you get one character wrong, and this is very easy to do, it won't connect without telling you why. Be on the lookout for leading and trailing spaces as well. But the good news is you only have to do this once. The entry survives a power-cycling and is only wiped out on a reset.