View Full Version : Problem with SlimServer on QNAP TS-101

2006-04-05, 14:29
Recently got an SB3 and a QNAP TS-101 NAS device pre-installed with SlimServer.

Everything was working fine until today when I was attempting to create a random playlist of all my songs and the SB3 stopped playing music. Also, I couldn't get into the NAS SlimServer web browser. So I shut down the NAS and restarted it. Everything seemed to come back up normally...I can access all my songs via Artists, Album names, etc...but I had a problem with trying to browse the music folder from the SB3.

The SB3 showed my directories such as lib, root, etc. I realise that these are the normal directories found on a nix machine. But I was expecting to see the normal folder direcoties that I had moved onto the NAS device. So I had a look at the SlimServer web interface...the normal option for browsing the music folder had disappeared! Also, going into "Server Settings" I noticed that the "Music Folder" was empty.

My suspicion is that I may have somehow messed up the SlimServer settings earlier on and that I need to enter the folder details of where the music files are kept. Of course, I have no idea what details to add.

I had a look at http://www.progressiveav.com/ but could not get anything. Also looked at http://www.progressiveav.com/qnap/updates/ for help but nothing that I could find useful (I know nothing about nix OS!).

Can anyone help? TIA.

2006-04-06, 13:06
I just asked SlimServer to re-scan and it found no music! No more MP3s for me!

It looks like SlimServer may need to be re-configured or re-installed. How do I do that?

2006-04-06, 15:41
Post this in General Discussion, and/or PM ultra238a as the TS101 thread is quite active!

Good Luck