View Full Version : J. River Media Center compatibility

2006-04-03, 22:28
This is a question and a call to arms. I see mention on and off about compatibility between the Squeezebox and J. River Media Center. I love Media Center, and I am planning on buying a Squeezebox, but I don't want to use iTunes. Is there a plugin for Media Center to work with Squeezebox? Ratings, playlist, most played stats, the whol shebang. Is my only option to use iTunes? If there isn't a solution... then I would like to put out the offer... mad props to the programmer who creates one!

2006-04-03, 23:09
I love media centre too. Whilst you can manage you music happily, and rip your music with it there is no way to play the squeezebox directly. Still, i'd love to hear i am wrong...

2006-04-04, 05:26
I am a user of Media Center. Fine application. I am also a Squeezebox user. However the only thing I would like to see in connection between the two would be for the smartplaylists created with Media Center. I personally have no use to have Media Center control my Squeezebox.