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Chris OH
2006-04-03, 05:32

Clearly there is no action to reverse the decision to "forget this player" in Slim Server. However, having decided to resurrect my spare SB2, having told Slimserver to forget it, I am unable to get it to connect to my Wireless network.

I have reset the player and started from scratch but cant get it to connect. The other player which is in a room further away and sees a lower signal strength has no such problem. It sees the network but simply refuses to connect.

I understand that this must be something to do with my router but cant for the life of me see what I am missing (Linksyss wag54). I have wep encryption (64bit) and do not disallow and access that I can see so why should one work and not the other?


2006-04-03, 06:09
Might you have MAC address filtering turned on at the router?


Chris OH
2006-04-03, 07:10
Hi CJ.

No I dont have MAC address filtering on.