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2006-04-02, 15:44
I see there is a podcast browser but I don't see how to get to it. It doesn't show up on any of my menu selections. Do I need to have ITunes installed (I don't)?

Sorry if this is a stupid question as I've never actually listened to a podcast...never had the need until now that I saw the podcast browser on slimserver.


2006-04-02, 15:47
On 2-Apr-06, at 3:44 PM, baconrad wrote:

> Hi,
> I see there is a podcast browser but I don't see how to get to it.

server settings->plugins. look for the podcast browser section. you
can then add podcast urls to that list.

to access them, look in the player menus for plugins, press right then
scroll down.

if you do have iTunes installed, then you can add podcasts there, and
the server will present a browse option for itunes podcasts.


2006-04-02, 15:52
You can only access the podcast browser from the player, not from the web interface, and only when slimserver is running - not from SqueezeNetwork.

Plugins / Podcast Browser (although you can move this up to the top level if you want). There are two podcast alley links to get you started, or you can add additional links from the plugins menu on the web interface.

If you have specific podcasts in mind, you may prefer to use an automatic podcast downloader like Doppler or Juice and have these added to your Music Library direct. If you have the automatic rescan setting enabled, it means they just appear without you having to look for them.

2006-04-04, 20:20
Ahh, that was the problem. I was looking on the web interface. Thanks for taking time to reply.