View Full Version : Artwork breaks Slimserver in Firefox; not Internet Exporer

2006-04-02, 13:53
Have Slimserver 6.2.1-5194 with Fishbone running in Firefox 1.05.01 and Internet Explorer 6.0.28. All ran fine until rescanned music, now IE working fine but all graphics broken in Fishbone on Firefox. Also broken are even the little red graphics to load playlists, etc. Have tried refreshing window and clearing Firefox cache, restarting, default skin, etc. etc. but no joy. Have about 80 albums and 1000 songs in a naked Music directory. Am not running iTunes or MusicMatch or any of that stuff. Also both Fishbone, Firefox and Internet Explorer were all working fine before including “Browse Artwork”!

1. First issue was a few weeks ago when the yellow "Home/ServerSettings/Help" at the top of Fishbone in Firefox disappeared. Messed around refreshing, etc. but no joy until cleared Firefox cache and the yellow links magically reappeared.

2. Present issues started when cleared and rescanned music after making some minor artwork changes to cover.jpg’s while using Fishbone and Firefox.

a.) First symptom: All albums and songs, etc. scanned properly. However, when “Browsing Artwork” one album had disappeared.

b.)Second symptom: Cleared and rescanned music. Again all albums scanned properly, but "Artwork Browse" had now misassigned two album covers. For example: assume Broccoli, Carrot, Nut, and Melon are all albums with cover.jpg artwork. However, on “Browse Artwork” Carrot has a Broccoli cover and Nut has a Melon cover. However, if you click on Carrot which has the misplaced Broccoli cover, Carrot opens with proper Carrot artwork. Same thing with Nut which has the wrong cover in “Browse Artwork” but opens with a proper Nut cover when clicked on. Moreover, in the “Browse Artwork” if you let the mouse pointer rest on the Nut album with the wrong Melon artwork, the link is to the Nut album. Cleared Firefox cache, refresh, etc. but no joy.

c.)Third symptom: Now I dig the hole a lot deeper in the typical human theory that if something is somewhat broken, play with it some more till you really break it!! Cleared and rescanned music. Albums, etc. appear to properly scan. However, the little red symbols to add songs or albums to play list, etc are now gone from visibility even from the album or song page in Firefox. However, if I run the mouse over where they were, the links are still there. Moreover, all of the cover.jpg’s in “Browse Artwork” are completely gone, nothing but black squares, but with links if you run the mouse pointer over them. Tried restarts, cache clears, refreshes, etc. but no joy. Internet Explorer however is still humming away fine with none of the Firefox issues! BTW, only one Slimserver is running.

I don’t think this is a Fishbone issue as Internet Explorer is still showing everything fine.

Has anyone else had this problem?
Is there some place else in Firefox that stores a cache to clear? …how to get at it?

Is there any point in trying to manually clear the scan music file? How do I do that without risking breaking more things like Internet Explorer which is still fine with none of the issues in Firefox?

What does a music scan really do? For example, I have from time to time changed a cover.jpg but the artwork will not change until the music is rescanned.