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2006-04-02, 12:03
Hi All,

I've had the SB3 for a week now and still can't get the Slimserver software to work. May it's me or maybe not, but the software isn't exactly up to standard with iTunes. Although it can use the playlist form iTunes, it's no way as userfriendly. I've been racking my brains out trying to get the playlist concept understood, but nothing.
According to the docs, simply point to where the lists are saved and the SS will do the rest. NO! it doesn't. Instead the existing list disappear and I can't get them back. When they do get back, they're in their default order.
Anybody have any pointers?


2006-04-02, 12:43
What version of the slimserver software are you running ? And what version of Itunes - the latest ?

I'm not also quite sure what it is that you are trying to do from your post. Get Slimserver to recognise your Itunes playlists ? Does it bring the playlists up in Slimserver or not ? Or is it just that the order of the songs in the playlist is not what you want it to be ?

There have been some recent changes to the Slimserver software to try and make it work better with the latest version of Itunes (see the thread below). IMHO there are always going to be issues in trying to marry together two different pieces of software which try to do the same thing in totally different ways. Slimserver wasn't designed to work with Itunes, indeed it predates Itunes by quite a bit AFAIK. Slim do a pretty good job of trying to keep up with ITunes, recognising its popularity, but I suspect these things are bound to happen as ITunes and Slimserver develop in their own way. There are also quite a few people (myself included) who think Itunes is pretty kludgy compared to the power and flexibility of the Slimserver software (although I quite understand the opposite view - Itunes is certainly more user friendly at face value).

I would recommend upgrading to the latest version of 6.2.2. (not 6.5 which is beta / bleeding edge) and seeing if that helps. If not, can you post back a few more details of your system (Windows XP / Linux, version of Slimserver, version of firmware, how are you setting up the Itunes integration etc). In particular, if you have use Itunes selected, I believe you need to leave the Music Library and Playlist setting in the Server Settings of Slimserver blank. Not try to fill these in twice. Someone who uses Itunes may be able to confirm this for you.


Oh, one other thing that people have reported - Slimserver doesn't like it if your Itunes Music Library and Playlists somewhere other than the Itunes default.