View Full Version : Why SlimServer stop and how to avoid it

2006-04-01, 08:24

I have seen posts before regarding server stopped for unknown reasons, and saw discussion on whether run SlimServer as a service automatically or from command line.

I myself encounter this server stopped problem several times recently. It happend on the official 6.2.1, last night's 6.2.2, and many versions of 6.2.5b. It becomes very annoying now since when the server stopped, it did not automatically restart even though I have set the automaticlly restart service on slimserver from the service pane in the "right click my computer -> manage" window.

When this happened, I checked the event log and I saw error but said the cause for the error was not identified. It's OK to have the error, but this restart service automatically is not effective since the server remained stopped forever.

Can someone help me identify what is causing this problem? And how to avoid it? Thanks a millions!