View Full Version : Changing SB3 wireless authentication password

2006-03-31, 22:43
Can anyone tell me whether the SB3 remote has a key combo that acts as a backspace key when changing the SB3 wireless authentication password?

When changing the password and selecting a shorter password than that you previously entered, on the SB3 it looks like the remmant characters from the earlier password remain and are applied to the password? Is this the case or does every new password entered replace the older string in its entirety irrespective of what the SB3 displays?


2006-03-31, 22:46
'Add' is 'Delete'.

Yes, I know that's not intuitive.

That's how I remember it. (Just like I could always tell which light switch was which on 2-switch blocks at my parents' house: they were consistently backwards.)


2006-03-31, 22:53
'Add' is 'Delete'.

Pressing the ADD (or +) key on my remote looks like it inserts a space eg, if the string is "hello", positioning the cursor at the 2nd l and then pressing ADD results in "hel lo"

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-01, 08:46
I believe the PLAY key will remove the character under the cursor.