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2006-03-31, 19:06

Just purchased a Squeezebox and I have to say "I like it very much" muchos gracias! Can't wait for you guys to do something with the new h.264 chipsets and video ;-) Anyway... to the point.

My ISP caches 128k streams for us and thats a very nice thing indeed as most Australian broadband plans are not "as much as you can eat" so they provide a nice selection at no addition to my monthly quota. This all works fine if I have a slim server running on my lan and I understand why etc. My question is...

When I set up the streams as favourites in SqueezeNetwork for my unit "it no worky" :-( i.e. the unit is updated with the urls etc. but won't play them. I suspect that this is because there is no external routes to these streams and there is some sort of client -> server verification stalling ?


I was sort of presuming that once the squeezebox was updated via squeezeNetwork that it would access the streams directly. Is there some doco I can look at re: this or is there a "you fool, it's this simple" reply to my quandary ?


BTW the sound out of the unit via a NAD 312 into some B&W 110s is sweet....

2006-03-31, 19:12
I forgot to mention that the unit is running the firmware that came with SlimServer 6.2.1

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-01, 08:31
Provided you can play other streams in SqueezeNetwork, then you're right. The cached streams may limit connections to a block of IP addresses your ISP uses.

Try listening to the streams from within SlimServer. This should work as it's going through your PC, unless they require user ID/password as you've stated.

Use the "Radio Tune In" feature.