View Full Version : Squeezebox frozen on Squeezenetwork

2006-03-31, 08:59
My two Squeezeboxes (one at home and one at the office) were left in standby connected to Squeezenetwork last night and both froze at 03:23 BST (I think) overnight - I had to reconnect them both to SN by holding down the left button for 10 seconds - the power button had no effect.

Why did this occur and can the Squeezebox not automatically reconnect if this type of event occurs. I use my one at home as an alarm clock and I would hope that it is reliable.

- Simon.

2006-03-31, 20:32
ive had the same problem on both of my squeezeboxes.they are freezing at a certain time.ill come back a half day later and the time is still frozen on time that i turned squeezebox off. when i try hit power button it wont turn on.i have to keep power button
pressed down to bring setup menu then connect to squeezenetwork.