View Full Version : Connecting the SB to a Mac

2006-03-31, 06:06
Hi there, I have one question: can I use my MiniMac as a wireless point of access and at the same time have the Slimserver installed in it? I am connected via Ethernet to an Adsl router and the Airport card in my Mini is used to share internet connection. So far, everything works fine, my Powerbook recognises the network an works pretty well.

But when I try to connect the Squeezebox, it recognizes the wireless network and obtains an IP address, but it can't connect to a music source (my Mini) nor to the Squeezenetwork. I have inserted the ip adress of the Mini, but nothing seems to work.

When I use an Airport Express Base Station, everything works just fine. Where am I wrong? Can't I get rid of the Airport Express Base station and use the Mini (which is always turned on) instead? I tried to use the Powerbook to share wifi connection and it works flawlessly with the Mini, but still no connection with the SB.

Actual setup:
Mac Mini (connected via ethernet to an Adsl router, shares connection via WiFi)
Powerbook (connected via WiFi to the wireless network and the Mini)
SB 3 (not working)

Previous setup:
Airport express Base Station (connected via ethernet to an Adsl Router)
Mac Mini (connected via WiFi to the Airport express Base Station)
Powerbook (connected via WiFi to the Airport express Base Station)
SB 3 (connected via WiFi to the Airport express Base Station; works perfectly)

Can anyone help?