View Full Version : HELP: Why does 120 gb of musicfiles damage the harddisk?

2006-03-31, 00:57
I have all my Musik files on disk E:\

I run Windows 2000 SP4 update (the latest)

I have got the message E: is damaged

Then I have formatted the disk and copied the full amount 140 gb to the disk
of 200 gb.

Again I get the this message after approx 105 gb that the disk is damaged.

Is anyone recognize this problems and please give advise how to solve the

Kind Regards

Tore Johnsson

2006-03-31, 01:09
> Then I have formatted the disk and copied the full amount 140 gb to the
> disk of 200 gb.
> Again I get the this message after approx 105 gb that the disk is
> damaged.

I guess that your disk is damaged :-). This has nothing to do with the
type of files you copy. Try to fill it with some other files - you'll get
the same error message.



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2006-03-31, 01:25
Reformat the disk and run scandisk prior to copying any data to the disk. This may give you some hints on what's wrong.
It could well be that your harddisk is slowly dying. Or it could be the harddisk controller on your motherboard or the power supply. Sometimes it is really hard to tell and you have to swap components one at a time to find the one at fault.
If this is a harddisk problem I would replace it at once. It's almost certain it will become unusable any time soon.


2006-03-31, 02:31
It is possible to get a diagnostic utility from your hard disk manufacturer's Website. This will give you a number of options but to be sure you will need to use the an option which writes all possible patterns to the disk. This is the only way you can be sure of the disk, scandisk may pass the disk if it is failing on a particular pattern of data in one sector but the utility will pcik this up. Note that this WILL destroy all of the data on your disk and it is not possible to recover anything. If you are prepared to repartition and reformat the whole disk then this is not a problem. But if there is more than your E: drive on the disk then you will need to back up everything.

If the disk fails this, and I am sure it will then look for a repair option. If there isn't one then use the erase / clear option. This will map any bad sectors found from your hard disk and in most cases will replace them with spare ones.
All of these operations will take a long time with a 200GB disk. (Hours not Minutes)

How long your hard disk repair will last depends upon the reason for the original failure. It may only be a defective sector from manufacture which was missed. I have had disks last for over two years after this procedure.

Of course if the disk is still under guarantee you can replace it if it fails the first test. The choice is yours.

Note that the manufacturers guarantee on most disks is now only 1 year.

One final comment which may be obvious but if you have more than one disk in your machine make sure you choose the right one when you run the utility. This is a kill or cure option and is therefore dangerous if you are not very careful.

2006-03-31, 03:09
Does the disk show as 200 GB before you start copying the music? If your motherboard is older, it may not support 48 bit hard drive addressing that is necessary to see drives over 137 GB.