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2006-03-30, 10:43
OS X Mac Mini 512MB RAM
slimserver 6.2.2

For the last several days, I cannot get my squeezebox buffer to stay anywhere above 10%, and I am getting many dropouts. I have, for years, been using etherfast homeplug adapters from my linksys router... and they have forever worked fine.

Because they have stopped working well lately, I tried wireless to my squeeze3. I got over 60% signal strength (its not that far away). Yet, even with this setup, my buffer rarely fills above 10%.

I need help troubleshooting!

Thanks, in advance,


2006-03-30, 10:48
Signal strength does not address interference; much less data is getting through successfully than the 60% indicates. You can use the NetTest plugin to confirm this, if you like...


... or skip to the fixing. I would start by disabling any turbo mode on your wireless router/AP and trying various channels. Good luck, and note that you can poke around previous posts for lots more suggestions.

2006-03-30, 11:00
okay, i downloaded the plugin... i get 100% for all tests.

again, when i go to play the music, the buffer doesnt fill.


2006-03-30, 11:53
Hi Scott,

Are you using firmware 35 or 36 or something lower?

Does returning to firmware 28 help?

2006-03-30, 13:55
how do i return to a previous firmware without changing the slimserver?


2006-03-30, 14:31
okay, i switched to firmware 28, slimserver 6.2.1

Buffer fullness: 0
network test 1000kpbs- 100%
1500kpbs 37%
2000kpbs 30%

any thoughts?


2006-03-30, 14:41
What file format are you streaming and do you have bit rate limiting enabled?

This suggests that during the test there was not enough bandwidth to stream as wav/aiff and flac is marginal. Hence I would recommend installing lame and enabling bitrate limiting so that the rate you are sending at is lower than this.

2006-03-30, 15:00
Im trying to stream flac... this is an important feature to me and therefore will need to find a network solution with sufficient throughput to stream flac lossless.

Wireless antennae?
Belkin pre-n router?
third party software for linksys router?

Any recommendations to achieve better throughput?


2006-03-30, 15:13
Have you tried different wireless channels (sounds like you may be getting interference from a neighbour?)

Can you move the player closer to the access point to prove the signal strength is marginal for flac [you don't need to be able to hear it, just use the player with the buffer fill indicator to prove]

2006-03-30, 15:29
it actually doesnt work for either wireless OR homeplug ethernet network


2006-03-31, 01:03
I see that you have been using homeplug for years.

That does mean that you are using the old version of homeplug. You could try the new version, which is much faster.