View Full Version : Recommend me a plugin

2006-03-30, 02:51
I've got AlienBBC working, and as an expat in France all I can say to the AlienBBC team is thank you thank you thank you!!

I've been looking at the other plugins and thinking are any of them any use. So I thought I'd ask the question what other plugins do you find useful.

2006-03-30, 03:28
LazySearch, Slimscrobbler and Last.fm

2006-03-30, 05:49
I think users have to decide for themselves what is useful.

I find Execute Script very useful. I have set it to run a script to send my computer to sleep.

And there is also a plugin that puts the SB to sleep when not in use.

2006-03-30, 07:55
super date & time
itunes update