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2006-03-30, 01:17
Has anyone tried slimserver on this device -> http://www.smc.com/index.cfm?event=viewProduct&localeCode=EN_USA&cid=5&scid=&pid=1519 ?

Would it work ?
Would it be a fair choice ?

Mark Lanctot
2006-03-30, 06:59
Unfortunately I don't think this would work well, for two reasons:

- there is no hacked 3rd party firmware that will operate on it and allow you to install SlimServer. It does seem to run Linux though as it has a Samba server, so in theory the firmware should be available for others to hack. This hasn't happened yet, not according to Google.

- there does not seem to be any data on what type of processor it uses. If it uses a generic 125 MHz networking processor, it'll be slow as hell. You also can't find out how much memory it has, which is even more crucial to SlimServer.

I don't mean to run down this product if you like it but it seems to have some very fundamental problems that would make it difficult to be used as a SlimServer.

2006-03-30, 08:01
- it's wireless. It's a bad idea to have a wireless server. All data goes through 2 wireless hops, and with a device as server-dependant as the Squeezebox, this is bad. You're hamstringing yourself. Now, some people do this and it works for them, but if you have any wireless bottlenecks, they will be made very apparent.
I agree with Mark in all but the above point. It is indeed a bad idea to have a wireless server but in this case the server would also be the access point and thus eliminating one wireless hop. It would be the same as running slimserver directly on your wireless router. If you already have a wireless router you have to turn off its wireless features.
As Mark has pointed out there are currently no hardware specs available and no hacked firmware. It can only be guessed that it runs some sort of linux os as it supports fat, ext2 and (read-only) ntfs partitions.
There won't be any easy way to run third party software on this device for quite some time.


Mark Lanctot
2006-03-30, 08:05
Ah yes. slimpy makes a good point. I failed to notice that it's also an access point.

This makes the networking configuration the same as any other wireless Squeezebox arrangement, which probably 85% of us use, myself included.

Since the Squeezebox will be accessing this directly, it also begs the question what type of wireless chipset the box uses. If it's one used in the SMC2804WBRP-G router, it won't work with the Squeezebox at the present time. I know first hand - I had that router and still do sitting in a box. :-/ If it uses the same chipset as SMC's newer SMCWBR14-G though, the latest Squeezebox firmware works with it. The SMCWAPS-G NAS was introduced in October, so I would suspect it uses the newer SMCWBR14-G hardware.

2006-03-31, 00:23
Ok thanks for advices guys !