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2006-03-29, 23:31
I know that hearing 'Well it works for me' is of no comfort to those who
perhaps continue to struggle with getting a particular feature or plugin to
work with their particular configuration - so I won't say that!

I was inspired to give this a go mainly because of the exposure that Alien
BBC has had over the last week on this forum.

My setup is quite plain - Win2K3 SBS running Slimserver 6.2.x, 3 x SB2 - all
working fine.

I ran the latest install from the Alien BBC page which took longer to
download on broadband than it did to install. I admit that I skipped the
pre-flight checks and tests and went straight for it (shame on me) -
re-started SS and it just worked. I suspect that I had it so easy because I
used the latest download that seemed to install everything automatically.

Now we have Steve Wright in the afternoon - in the morning and the evening
too. (though we may not all consider that a benefit!)

So - I would just like to thank the Alien BBC team for all their hard work
and effort in developing this solution - really good work.

I shall now be trying the same trick on a MAC for a colleague of mine.

Thanks again

Richard Scales

2006-03-30, 00:41
The Mac is just a touch trickier to install AlienBBC on.

(i) mplayer has to be put manually into a folder that is normally invisible. You can make that folder visible using Go To Folder in the Finder's Go menu. Easy when you know how.

(ii) There are two sensible places where you may want to put mplayer. They are /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin The instructions for AlienBBC suggest /usr/local/bin because that was what the mplayer instructions said. I am told it works just as well in /usr/bin. For reasons of tidiness (it separates out Apple-installed programs and user-installed ones) you may prefer to put mplayer in /usr/local/bin. But this involves editing a line in mplayer.sh at present (there's a thread discussing how the AlienBBC people can change mplayer.sh so that users don't have to bother about editing) and you must be sure that any text editor you use preserves Unix line endingsm which rules out Apple's own TextEdit. There's no editing needed if it is in /usr/bin.

Neil Sleightholm
2006-03-30, 10:35
Richard - thanks for the comments, it is nice to see our hard work appreciated. If you have any tips for Mac users I'm sure they would appreciate it (if you know how to write an install routine that would be even better!). There is a version of mplayer for the Mac on the AlienBBC site if that helps.

Neil (one of the AlienBBC devs)