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2006-03-29, 13:56
Slimserver is reporting about twice the number of songs that I have (~12000 rather then ~6000). But the album count is roughly accurate (~500). Anyone have an idea why? It doesn't seem to be effecting anything.


2006-03-29, 17:17
If you recently changed the name of your music folder or changed drive letter designations (common with removable USB drives) then Slim Server will report twice the songs. The cure is to rescan everything on your library.

2006-03-29, 18:17
Haven't changed anything (just got the SBs and slimserver.) But I've got it doing a clear/rescan, and that will probably clear it up.

2006-03-29, 21:48
I've only noticed it when I added a second hard drive to my system. The drive designations changed. When I updated my music library location on slimserver to reflect this, it turns out the old library entries were still showing up, hence the doubling of files.

Rescanning everything should take care of your problem...

2006-03-29, 23:04
My rescan finished - same thing. Shows twice as many tracks as there are, but the correct number of albums.


2006-03-29, 23:20
On 29-Mar-06, at 10:04 PM, EricBergan wrote:

> My rescan finished - same thing. Shows twice as many tracks as there
> are, but the correct number of albums.
take a look at an album...do you have twice as many tracks in it?
if so, pick a pair of dupes and click on song title of each. Look for
the url given on the SongInfo page and take note of the differences.

If you have a music folder setting and are importing from iTunes (Use
iTunes setting), musicmagic, or moodlogic then the music locations must
all refer to the same locations using the same type of reference. It
may also be case sensitive, so look for differences in case as well.


2006-03-30, 02:25
Same here with 6.2.2 although I did change the location of the music folder to a Qnap. Made sure iTunes is pointing to same but even re-running scan several times still shows double number of songs (albums/artists remains correct). Songs are duplicated in slimserver list but not on the HD. Dupes show new location and old location. How do I fix?

2006-03-30, 02:32
Got it - iTunes folder was still the old assignment!

Mark Lanctot
2006-03-30, 06:36
My rescan finished - same thing. Shows twice as many tracks as there are, but the correct number of albums.

What type of rescan did you do - "Look for new and changed music" or "Clear library and rescan everything"?

I find "look for new" will only add items, it won't remove any, including any duplicates.

Only "clear library" will actually remove any items that are either there in error, or items you've deleted.

2006-03-30, 08:45
I had done the clear and rescan, but as suspected above, every track was duped for an album.

Looking at the particulars, one track was looking at the drive address on the machine, the other was looking at the full network share address of the track, because that is how the playlists have each track (since they are shared across a number of machines in the house.)

Thanks for the pointers, I've changed slimserver to go to the network share address and started another clear/rescan, and presumably I'll have the correct number of tracks this time.


2006-03-30, 15:09
To continue/finish the saga:

After the clear/rescan, had 3x the titles. The server name was capitalized in the playlists, but I had entered it lower case in the server settings, so I had three sets, two network and interestingly, the d: setting was still there, even though I had changed it.

Fixed the capitalization, did another clear/rescan, and still had 3x titles.

Shut down slimserver, removed slimserversql.db, restarted slimserver, and this time it found the correct number of tracks.

Looks like clear/rescan isn't very reliable...