View Full Version : Favorites hang server with large playlists?

2006-03-29, 13:49
I've marked a few of my playlists as favorites, but when I try to go through favorites to play them, the server (6.2.1) goes 100% busy for 10 to 15 minutes, and then eventually starts playing the list.

These playlists are typically 1000-1500 tracks.

I don't have the problem if I just select the playlist directly from the "browse playlists" item.

Does favorites not really use the same mechanism to play the list that selecting it from browse playlist does?

2006-03-30, 16:14
I've tried switching over to QuickAccess - same problem. 8 to 12 minutes for the music to start.

Is anyone actually using either of these with large playlists?

The playlists are imported m3u, if that makes any difference.

Note that selecting the playlists directly from "browse playlists" still works with just a few seconds delay.

Any pointers?


2006-03-30, 21:23
> These playlists are typically 1000-1500 tracks.

It's my impression that SlimServer doesn't handle playlists optimally -- it's no problem for around 100 songs or so, but after that, it rapidly starts to bog down. Most I've ever put into a playlist (via the webinterface) was about 200 tracks, before it got so unresponsive that I decided that was enough music to last for a while. :-)

2006-03-30, 22:38
I had built my playlists up based on wmp ratings, and playing with moodlogic back when it was still somewhat viable.

What is somewhat disappointing is that playlists via browse playlist seem to be fine, just trying to have one button access to them is hosed.

I'm certainly not an expert on the code, but in trying to rummage through it, I'm getting the sense that the imported playlists are stored into the database, but both favorites and quickaccess don't seem to be accessing them directly, but rather copying and recreating them, and I think that's where the processing overhead is coming in. But that's just a guess, I'd certainly appreciate anyone with a better understanding (and even better, a fix!) to chime in.