View Full Version : Interesting comparison of lossless formats

Mark Lanctot
2006-03-29, 07:07

Interesting finds:

- of the three lossless formats SlimServer supports, WMA Lossless can achieve the highest compression ratio, FLAC much worse and Apple Lossless a little worse than FLAC

- the difference in compression between the leader and WMA Lossless is only 2.5%, between the leader and FLAC default compression only 4.3% and between the leader and Apple Lossless 4.5%

- the difference in compression level between WMA Lossless and FLAC is only 1.8%, between WMA Lossless and Apple Lossless is 2% and between FLAC and Apple Lossless only 0.2%

- the hit in encoding time for FLAC compression level 5 versus compression level 8 is huge - 19.9 versus 4.2, that's almost a 5X increase, for a difference in compression of only 0.2%

- FLAC has the second-best decoding time of any format on the list, 44.7X at all compression levels. Apple Lossless has the third best and WMA Lossless is well behind

It's interesting to note that there isn't much difference in compression but there are huge differences in encoding and decoding speed. FLAC seems like an optimal choice: free, reasonable compression, reasonably fast encoding at default, extremely fast decoding.

2006-03-29, 08:04
But this misses the one most important point. Which sounds better?