View Full Version : Limiting access for remote streaming?

2006-03-28, 23:23
Hi all -

Is there either a setting (or 3rd party plugin) that could allow someone access to stream music from my media server (http://localhost:9000/) but prevent them from having access to make any changes to the plugins/server settings/interface/etc.?

Just a simple displaying of albums and/or songs that they could then listen through media player/winamp/etc? In an optimum world, perhaps there is something that has password protection to get to the administrative level?

Anyway, I couldn't find any documentation that explained how one would do that, or if it is even possible?

Any answers to this would be greatly appreciated!!



2006-03-28, 23:47
Try the NoSetup plugin, listed at http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?PluginServerUtilities