View Full Version : Another Netgear Problem

2006-03-28, 08:28
I have just acquired a V3 wireless squeezebox and have been trying to set it up, with limited success.
My setup is Speedtouch 716WL wireless router connected to a Netgear FE104 hub. I wish to have the SB and music server connected to the Netgear.
The SB settings are:-
ethernet network
static IP
subnet mask
default gateway
dns server
music source

Always get Problem: Can't connect to SlimServer
The settings have been confirmed by interrogating the router.

If the SB is connected directly to the router the connection is established, so the problem appears to be with the hub.

Can anyone offer me any assistance PLEASE.


2006-03-28, 08:36
Some hubs reserve one port for uplinking to another hub. Did you try sticking the cable in another hole on the hub?

2006-03-28, 09:12
The hub is configured with 3 ports + the uplink port which is connected to the router.

The PC's on the network see each other, but will not talk to the SB via the hub.
Checked the ports by confirming that the PC accesses the network via any of the ports.
Also tried swapping cables to eliminate that as a source of the problem.