View Full Version : IMMS plugin for slimserver?

2006-03-28, 01:07
At work (and sometimes at home) I rely on XMMS (in Linux) to listen to my mp3s. I've grown accustomed to a plugin named IMMS (http://www.luminal.org/wiki/index.php/IMMS/IMMS) that notices which songs I play and those I skip and rates them accordingly. It also analyzes the different song's bpm and tonal qualities to attempt to play similar songs consecutively. When I place my entire library in the playlist and randomly play it, I really like the choices IMMS makes for me.

The developer, Michael Grigoriev, has developed this as "generic adaptive playlist framework" and "plugins for other players should be relatively easy to add" (see v2.0 notes on http://www.luminal.org/wiki/index.php/IMMS/ChangeLog ). I'm hoping this is the case for some possible integration with slimserver. I would absolutely love to get the same functionality I've grown accustomed to and enjoy daily at work through my squeezebox2.

Any thoughts on this? Does this seem do-able or simply a naive guy's pipe dream?