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2006-03-27, 20:12
Some of my tracks (all wav files, all ripped with EAC) are being cataloged in Slim database as Artist name "No Artist", Album name "No Album", and the normal track title. There are probably 200 songs in there, some of them only appear in there, meaning they are not searchable and therefore not playable. Some others appear in there and also correctly cataloged under the correct Artist and Album name.

They are all in their correctly named folders on the media drive.

I am using ReadyNAS server running 6.2.1. My PC ran 6.2.2 and all these minor personality flaws seemed to be worked out. As soon as 6.2.2 goes out of beta, Infrant will update their version and I will get the patch. I can't wait for that. There are so many bugs fixed in 6.2.2.

Thanks for any advice about the No Artist phenomenon.

2006-03-27, 23:45
At the risk of stating the obvious, you have carefully checked your directory/naming structure against the settings in server settings / formatting / guess tags formats ?

And I probably don't need to point out that being stuck on 6.2.1 is a real pain, which is the big downside of using an environment which is defined for you (though I do understand there is an upside as well!).

But the tricky tracks should still be playable - by Browse Music Folder ?

And I can't resist adding... you really are making life hard for slimserver by refusing to give it any tags to work with. It will do its best to guess from file names, but you will get so much more from this if you convert to FLAC as you rip with EAC. You'll save disc space, and get more ways to browse and find music (by genre, notably).


2006-03-28, 11:18
I'm having a similar problem. I encoded an entire disk to .wav, and Slim won't play it at all. I can browse to it in the Browse Folders dialog, but it says "can't play file" when I try. It is a huge file, as the entire CD is encoded in one wav file, so I'm figuring that might be the issue...Winamp can play the file just fine, btw. I haven't messed around with it since I have the CD encoded to .flac as well, but it _should_ work as a wav...

2006-03-30, 17:31
CJ, you were right, the guess tags settings were still stock. That fixed it
Thanks a lot!