View Full Version : Alien BBC not working on PowerPC runningMac OS Version 10.4.5

Bill Bonham
2006-03-27, 14:50

I have installed mplayer and AlienBBC on my PowerBook G4 running Mac OS
Version 10.4.5

The test suggested for mplayer on the AlienBBC site works fine but I just
canıtget AlienBBC to work on Softsqueeze.

Alien BBC is listed as a plugin but if I select one of the BBC stations
Softsqueeze displays ŒConnectingı which flashes a few times and then I get

Now playing (1 of 1) 00:00
Radio 2 <musical note> ---------

with no sound.

Softsqueeze then hangs up and all I can do is quit it.

Any help or suggestions would be very welcome as I really want to buy a
couple of Squeezeboxes but am reluctant to spend £400 and find that I canıt
use them to listen to BBC radio.


2006-03-27, 15:19
There are two likely causes.
1. Wrong version of mplayer
2. Edit needed to Bin/mplayer.sh file to locate mplayer.

What version of mplayer did you install ?
Did you use the version for this OSX on this page http://www.x2systems.com/alienbbc/mplayer.html

The change that may be needed to mplayer.sh is as follows, change




Other Mac users have warned not to use textEdit to edit the file as it doesn't presever the line ending properly.

Patrick Dixon
2006-03-28, 00:35
I think you may also need to install Lame to get Softsqueeze to work with AlienBBC.

In Server Settings->File Types check that the rstp > mp3 box is checked.

2006-03-28, 00:38
bpa's response almost certainly deals with the issues

In addition, you may want to increase the Radio Station Timeout (found in the web interface under Server Settings, Network). I find it takes at least ten seconds, maybe more, from the time I select an item to play until sound starts