View Full Version : Downloading Slimeserver 6.5

2006-03-26, 06:42
I want to install the newest version of AlienBBC but it requires Slimserver 6.5

I have looked everwhere I can think to try and find a download of Version 6.5 but with no luck at all.

Can anyone please tell me where I can find the download of 6.5?

Thanks very much!

2006-03-26, 06:51
Here: http://www.slimdevices.com/dev_nightly.html
Keep in mind that 6.5 is still beta and as such work in progress.


2006-03-26, 07:49
There are versions of AlienBBC 1.01 for both 6.2.x and 6.5beta - just be sure to install the right one. There is no need to upgrade to 6.5.

2006-03-26, 22:23
and it's slim, not slime.

No need to be rude.