View Full Version : pandora & softsqueeze

2006-03-25, 08:00
I have an SB1 and am also a devoted Softsqueeze user. I can access Squeezenetwork w/Softsqueeze (v2.3) just fine for all the internet radio options, but not Pandora. When I try to log on to Pandora on the SN site I get this msg in red at the top:

You do not have any Squeezeboxes registered to your SqueezeNetwork account. Please click the Squeezeboxes link above to add your player.

I understand that I cannot register my SB1, but vague references to SS, SN, and Pandora on the forums makes it sound like it should work w/SS.

Customer Support politely informed me there was no official support for SS/SN/Pandora - but I'm hoping someone here has encountered and solved this.