View Full Version : More router problems... Buffalo Airstation G54 WHR-G54S

2006-03-25, 05:18
Hi, now on my 3rd router/modem. This time I have finally got it all working fine, with WPA encryption, so I am very happy.

But there is still one problem!! When I open the slimserver web interface, it flashes up, but then the router kicks in and directs the browser to its auto connect page, saying "Detecting Internet connection (Resetting)". This is very frustrating - the SqueezeBox is working fine, but I just can't get into the SlimServer interface!! Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening and how I can stop it?

So close and yet so far...


Any help very much appreciated and could well save my sanity!

2006-03-25, 09:30
So I am guessing this must be something to do with the router not liking me accessing port 9000 on my PC (that is what http://localhost:9000 does, right?)

However, I cannot understand why the router would start up this connection wizard when I do that... I have the firewall on the router disabled and also it is set up manually, not with the "easy setup" option on which I guess could call a wizard...

Any ideas at all appreciated.

2006-03-25, 10:09
D'oh! A restart seems to have solved the problem! Turning off the auto setup option in the router must not have taken effect until this... Well at least it is working... for now!