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2006-03-24, 13:05
This has never worked quite right for me.

The info at the bottom of the Web Interfaces is: SlimServer Version: 6.2.1 - 5194 - Mac OS X 10.3.9 (7W98) - EN - utf8

Playing on a SB3

I have the music organized as Brad["Home"]/Music/[various symbolic links to folders on other drives]/Artist/Album/filename.flac

Heretofor, untagged flacs were showing up as "[filename] by No Artist" which was better than what I'm getting now, which is having them show up as "Music from Brad by Users". It seems like its looking at the wrong end of the path to guess the tags.

I have been in the process of Flac-ing my CDs and so have been adding large numbers of files to the library every day, overnight I clear and rescan the library.

I have the Guess Tags first field set as /ARTIST/ALBUM/TITLE

What have I got wrong?

2006-03-24, 13:07

2006-03-24, 14:46
In that bug tracking there were two suggestions of a workaround:

1) "it looks like guessTags will handle regex characters, so you could try adding ^ at the end of your guessTags formats so that they are forced to match from end of line, instead of the start."

2)changing line 807 if Info.pm to this:
$pat = qr/$pat$/;
will force the match to work from end of line.

Both from you, KDF. Which do you recommend? Would option one look like this then?

I ask before experimenting just because it takes a few hours to rescan my library.

Thanks for your help. Do I need to vote for this bug?

2006-03-24, 15:00
Quoting bephillips <bephillips.2571pb1143237001 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> I ask before experimenting just because it takes a few hours to rescan
> my library.
> Thanks for your help. Do I need to vote for this bug?

different file naming will match differently, so it all depends on
whether your filenames strictly adhere to your expectations.

Either should work, given the right format match and the right
filenames. You can always set your music folder to a small set of
files to test, rather than the whole library. Slimserver has many
more settings than any one person would really use, and that means
that many users are stuck trying to find out what works best for them.
Both of my statements are just suggestions based on knowing the code
and a quick test. Unfortunately, I cannot verify, since I don't rely
on guesstags for my setup. Just like you, I dont have time to run 30
minutes scans over and over, unless it is a personal obsession.

My personal best recommendation would be to ensure all files are in a
taggable format, and clean up the tags. In the end, guesstags is just
a guess, and it meant to help clean things up out of the box rather
than replace proper tagging.


Pale Blue Ego
2006-03-24, 21:17
Most tagging programs can create tags from the folder structure. Just tell it where in the path to find Artist/Album/Title info and tag your whole collection in one operation.