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2006-03-23, 14:12
Hi there... (sorry for the length)

I've been using a wired SB1 for maybe two years now with mixed results.
As long as the library stays fairly small, it mostly works as expected.
Although I'd have to consider myself mildly lucky to get through a
full album without any issues.
The disconnects are most annoying when you have it cranked up and
suddenly... silence.
And to prevent it from coming back mid-song at that blasting volume
in a minute or so, you make a mad rush to unplug it.

A few notes:
I never use the web interface, only the remote.
Again, it's a wired SB1.
All files are MP3. Most are 128-192kbs. (no flac, ogg, etc)
I don't scan artwork and use no playlists.
I browse by Artists (which works pretty well)

Over the years, I've changed computers from a PIII/733Ghz/256Mb
to a AMD/1800+/512Mb to a AMD/3500+/1Gb all with XP and
various versions of SS all dedicated to SS (really!).

As I've spent all this time changing things, scanning the forums,
calling tech support, changing and tweaking computers...
I just figured that the SB wasn't really for me and wouldn't consider
spending more money on the SB3.

From the forums, I got the impression that there was little
architectural difference between the SB1 and SB2/3.

Then i just read this:
- - - - - - - - - - - - [SB1] - - - - - - - - - - - - [SB2/3]
CPU - - - - - Ubicom IP2K, 120 MHz - - Ubicom IP3K, 250 MHz - (2x increase)
Buffer RAM - - - - 1.8Mb - - - - - - - - - - - - - 25Mb - (14x increase)

Twice the processing power and fourteen times the RAM seems pretty darn significant.

So now... I wonder if buying a SB3 might just resolve some the issues
that have dogged me over the years?

Anybody using a large library with a SB1 have good luck switching to a SB2/3?

Thanks for any replies...

2006-03-23, 14:17
If you order direct from SlimDevices there is a 30-day return policy (don't know if dealers allow this).

So you could always experiment.

2006-03-23, 16:03
helishock wrote:
> ...
> Anybody using a large library with a SB1 have good luck switching to a
> SB2/3?
> Thanks for any replies...
Athlon 2500, 1gb ram, Linux and a bunch of other services, I have over
12,000 tracks now, started with about 6,000. I've always had nearly
perfect performance with wired players, Slimp3, SB1, SB2, SB3, as long
as I don't synchronize. Synchronization works okay too, except it
sometimes drifts out of sync over time.

You've replaced the hardware and presumably rebuilt the OS when you did
so. You're wired, so none of the usual wireless stuff applies. Whatever
bug you've run into, it's probably in the last bits of equipment that
you haven't replaced -- I'm guessing the Ethernet cables and
switch/router/hub/whatever haven't changed in this whole experience?

You've got plenty of horsepower for what you're doing, I'd ignore the
advice to make major alterations on the server side.

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