View Full Version : Static IP + WPA + D-Link Router Help Needed

2006-03-23, 13:26
I've been trying to get my D-Link DI-524 Router working with my SqueezeBox3 for a couple of weeks now with no luck. I've read a few places that DHCP can cause some problems for some routers using WPA-PSK/TKIP and that setting a static IP might be a cure for the problem. It wasn't for me, so I'm back to ask a few more questions.

To begin with, everything works fine if security is turned off, so it's not an issue with bad wiring, etc.

I'm also moving through a bunch of test SSIDs, so nothing should be getting cached anywhere.

I'm running SlimServer 6.2.2 under OS X 10.4.5 and yes, the server is up and running.

When I go through the SqueezeBox setup, I find my wireless network, use WPA Personal, enter my password and it connects with my router.

Next, I specify my static IP addresses: - player - subnet mask - default gateway and DNS server

looking for slimserver...

select a music source: - my computer's static IP
(note that I can choose SqueezeNet and get the same failure here)

connecting... dead.

Sometimes it says that it can't find the slimserver and sometimes the screen just goes black.

Finally, my router doles out DHCP addresses between -

Any idea?


2006-03-23, 14:54
I have been experiencing the same problem recently with my SB3.
Doing a factory reset of the SB3 (pull power plug, hold down + on remote while plugging back in until factory reset shows on display) then re-entering all the network information, resolved the problem for me.

Hopefully it will again tonight as I'm having the problem again.